Cycles of burnout is a thief that robs the world of passionate change agents. It’s time to break free. 

I know first hand how exhausting it is wanting to make a difference, but constantly tripping over yourself. 


Move beyond feeling pulled and weighed down by heavy emotions, mental noise and day-to-day distractions of the modern world. You were born to transmute the chaos, not function in it. 

Welcome Home, I’m Emily Leahy. 

I live for the process of transformation in my own life and empowering others to ground their unique spark. 

Born and raised outside of Boston, I now reside and serve in San Francisco as a guide and energy healer. For over six years I have served hundreds of passionate people in deepening their connection to self through a spiritual pathway, known as a Mystery School. 

I’m highly trained in one of the 7 ancient Mystery Schools open to the public, The Modern Mystery School. I specialize in energy healing and metaphysical tools that have been passed down for thousands of years.

Many great leaders that have left their mark also had access to these same tools and initiation.  The ancient techniques help to release limitations, awaken hidden potential and create meaningful success.

What would this look like day-to-day? Sharing your gifts with the world, serving to your highest ability – all while feeling more centered in your own being. Imagine stepping into new levels of mastery, rather than simply managing what isn’t working. Developing and building a solid foundation keeps the engine of passion running strong.