Return to Sacred’s mission is to support leaders who are ready to release limitations, activate inner resources, and sustain an integrated spiritual practice to create a better world.

Who We Are

Return to Sacred is a live/work healing space in the Castro District of San Francisco, CA. We seek to empower people to develop greater self-mastery through a spiritual pathway, known as the Modern Mystery School. This ancient tradition has been handed down with purity for over 3,000 years through the unbroken lineage of King Solomon.

At Return to Sacred, we believe that everyone is born with a higher purpose. However, there are many obstacles to navigate in order anchor your power. Getting swept up in doubt, fear of failure, and life’s setbacks can knock you off course from fully living your true potential.

Time-tested classes, private energy healing sessions, and trainings will give you the tools to reconnect with your inner self and awaken your divinity. Share your joy and passion with the world while creating healthier balance and boundaries in your relationships.

Return to Sacred supports it’s leaders through the B.E.A.M. method.

Bond: Bridge the gap between isolation and connectedness. Connect more deeply with yourself and others through weekly meditation classes and monthly community events.

Empowerment: Learn techniques to lift your daily practice to prevent burnout and apathy. Be in charge of your choices and lead a more fulfilling life using tools handed down through the Modern Mystery School oral tradition.

Alignment: Strip away the mental, emotional, and energetic blockages that keep you in a place of survival. Live beyond your current operating system and embody your potential through activation, healing and clearing 1:1 sessions.

Mentorship: Discover what’s stopping you from having clear direction on your unique path. Be the master of your own life through spiritual guidance that supports the integration of your experiences.

Emily Leahy

Emily Leahy, founder of Return to Sacred, is a certified healer, teacher, and guide in the Modern Mystery School. She specializes in supporting passionate hustlers who crave to ditch burnout and claim their worth to make a lasting difference in the world. Using grounding techniques and tools, she teaches how to create balance, master boundaries, and develop a stronger capacity to face life’s challenges. Emily believes in individual empowerment for collective impact through the application of these ancient tools. Read more.



When you sign up you’ll receive two complimentary meditation tracks to support your practice.