You have a GIFT to share with the world and serving to the fullest requires FOCUS to direct your energy.



Center yourself amidst a chaotic, frenetic world through ancient tools and techniques that interrupt your current coping mechanisms.



In this two day training you’ll receive metaphysical teachings to help you unlearn what you thought you were so that you can truly know yourself. Understand how your energetic system functions and is structured to bring more of what you want into your life on demand.




A mystery school is a path is to help people know thyself and unlock the innate wisdom that is inside. For thousands of years, the true 7 Ancient Mystery Schools have trained people in unbroken lineages to be true and effective agents of positive change in the world. The Modern Mystery School is one of the seven ancient schools open to the public. The completion of this two day training ends in sacred initiation ceremony.




When you access the power of your heart and the strength your will, you become an unwavering force.






    • Integrating your own wisdom with action
    • Stronger emotional capacity to face life’s challenges
    • Create energetic boundaries
    • Learn how to tap into an energetic support system
    • Gives access to secret teachings of the Mystery School
    • 10x’s the capacity to hold energy & direct it outwards
    • More clarity & direction to your purpose, wants, & desires
    • Greater ability to overcome stress
    • Improved ability to connect in relationships

Date & Time: This class will run both Saturday and Sunday 9:30AM-5:30PM (On Sunday it’s possible we could run as late as 7:00PM). We take an hour lunch break both days.

Location: Return to Sacred Private Location in the Castro District


This two day training is limited to 8 students and private session(s) are required before entering the class. If you are interested please apply below.





10 + 10 =