Astral Travel is not fantasy or daydreaming, but rather the ability to expand one’s consciousness beyond the physical body. You naturally astral travel when you are in a state of deep sleep. However, you cannot take those insights and integrate them into your life consciously.

The astral level is a vibration frequency, which is higher than the frequency of our material world we live in.

This plane is not something far far away from us. It exists here and now, yet it cannot be seen with our human eyes.

With the right tools you can learn to safely enter the astral plane without substances and be fully aware.

Limitations only exist in your mind, Astral Travel can transform your meditation experience.

During this training, you will receive tools and techniques to shift your consciousness in order to explore the astral planes and other dimensions more safely and effectively. This is a handing down from mystery school tradition that allows you to utilize your own power to shift your conscious state.


  • Astral travel while in a conscious state

  • Astral travel safely, taking all precautions

  • Prepare the physical body, mind and surroundings for astral travel


  • Improves meditation, conscious dreaming, and journeying

  • Release heavy emotions and overactive thoughts

  • Reunite with your true essence

  • Gain a deeper understanding of self

TIME: 5 Hours

“The deepest meditations I have ever experienced" — Jordan M.