Listen to the call.

I strongly believe that we are all here to do something very unique.

Think about it - you are a friggin miracle. The probability of you being born is estimated at 1 in 400 trillion.

Okay, so you were born and you're a friggin miracle. Now what?

Maybe you say to yourself, "I just want to know my purpose," but what steps of action are you taking? Are you spending your time avoiding, numbing out and fighting against yourself? Are you choosing the same things over and over hoping for different results? Do you feel like you're pursuing it, but finding resistance? Are you saying yes to the call?

Or perhaps you are asking, “why am I stuck waiting for something I was born to do?”

Doing what you’re born to do isn't a title you earn.  It’s your birthright to express yourself in a way that benefits others. The opportunities and restrictions you encounter on your path are gifts that guide you towards your highest purpose. A great example is the womb. Where would we be if we didn't have that restriction to develop and come into this world? On the other hand not all restrictions are created equal, and some are man made roadblocks. I know personally I use to get in my own way due to deep rooted fear of stepping back into my own power.

We stop ourselves from progressing forward with ongoing nonsensical stories that simply aren’t true. We blame the economy, we curse our parents and we doubt our talents. We have to stop playing the victim and start taking charge.  

Another reason for feeling stuck is perhaps what you were born to do isn't what you are currently dreaming of and striving for. Your calling is not always the next logical step in your career or where you thought you would be when you were 5-years-old. Your dreams could also be driven by your false self because you lack healthy confidence and self-esteem.

I thought I was going to teach in a classroom forever. As a kid, I played school for hours and hours with my imaginary students. I was convinced that teaching kids was my calling for most of my adolescence. As my story of who I thought I was clamored relentlessly, it was impossible to hear the call of something much greater. After three years of being a school teacher and moonlighting in yoga and energy work on the side, I felt a strong force pulling me to explore beyond what I knew and was comfortable with.

Fresh out of college I still feared adults that were older than me. I didn't take myself seriously to teach beyond elementary curriculum. I didn't think that I had much wisdom to share and so I created a safe place within the classroom. I had overflowing passion in other areas, but lacked the confidence to make a move. It took a lot of courage to not only leave a career I was trained in, but one I was really good at and respected for. I couldn't necessarily see the end result, but I listened and followed that call step by step. At that point I never thought what I had resisted would give me so much fulfillment.

Bigger, stronger, faster are not always the best ways to live purpose.

I said yes to the call with diligence daily and over a period time to gain the clarity and direction I have today. Everytime I said yes to the call I learned more about what I'm here to do or not here to do. The more I explored, tried something new and “failed”, the closer I got towards what it was that truly lit me up.

The road to discovering my highest purpose may sound like a lot of trial and error, but there is a system behind it. As I studied myself within a great Mystery School I