Running a service-centered business takes a dynamic approach

There are many components of running a successful business when it deals with a person’s soul. Throwing Jell-O against the wall and seeing what sticks is one way to start your business — or you can receive some guidance from a mentor who’s made those mistakes for you already.

Some examples of how Emily can support you:

  • Creating a mission statement

  • Clarity on who you’re meant to serve

  • Developing a business plan

  • Brainstorming strategies for marketing

  • Holding you accountable for action

  • Training you in scheduling systems

  • Social media presence that attracts

  • Tried and true client intake procedure

  • Organizing new and potential clients

  • Setting up systems to optimize time

  • Website copy that delivers a punch

  • Simplifying and finding ease in biz


Create a system for your business so that there are

buckets for the light to flow into.

Emily offers a package of 8 sessions to support you in getting off the ground. This is client-centered and the hour consulting sessions will be focused on what your current needs are. Together we will set a goal and create tangible steps to help you get there.