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SANCTUARY MEDITATION: Receive guidance from within.

  • Return to Sacred Private Location in Castro District San Francisco, CA 94110 USA (map)

Everywhere you look, life is full of choices. It can be can confusing at times to discern which voice you should listen to.

Fostering a deeper connection with your Higher Self is essential if you seek greater mastery, direction, and peace in your life. Learning to access and work with your Higher Self will allow you to regularly obtain answers to simple, everyday questions, as well as assistance with life’s challenges and difficult decisions. Whether you are an experienced or beginner meditation practitioner, this approach will deepen your personal reflection and connection to your soul.

This is a handing down from the Modern Mystery School tradition. Sanctuary meditation is a foundational practice that can be used daily, or as often as needed.

In this training, you will receive a simple and effective way to connect to your innate wisdom.

You will learn how to:

  • Prepare the body for meditation

  • Open and expand the chakras

  • Apply the three primary sacred geometries to shift consciousness


  • Greater independence with problem solving

  • Increased creative flow

  • Structured home meditation practice

  • Feeling grounded and centered in self

TIME: 2.5 hours


Audits (those who already received this handing down): $30.00