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MAX MEDITATION SYSTEM™: Discover inner balance.

Life is a constant balancing act: balancing work and relationships, emotions and thoughts, as well as needs and desires. Meditation is one of the most powerful, underutilized tools to find your center.

The Max Meditation System™ is a blend of ancient methods learned from prominent teachers in India and Tibet, this technique teaches you a simple and effective way to meditate.

Take your meditation practice to new heights each time you come to class. If you are a seasoned meditator, this system will help you tap into deeper states. New to the practice? This is a fully guided experience and many are amazed at how connected to themselves they feel during and after!


1. Breath Work2. Deep-Body Relaxation3. Passive (Quiet Mind)4. Active (Focused Mind)5. Guided Visualization


- Reduces stress & tension- Builds self-confidence and focus- Helps increase clarity & creativity- Creates a sense of grounding & well-being- Provides support and guidance from a qualified teacher


Please bring a notebook and a pen to write down your reflections after meditation.


Return to SacredPrivate Space in Castro District San Francisco, CA 94114

(Complete address emailed upon registration)


All ticket sales are final and there are no refunds or transfers.


Please arrive between 6:45-7:00PM to enter. Door closes at 7:05PM to begin.