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SACRED GEOMETRY: Transform your space.

You may have seen sacred geometry symbols buzzing around on t-shirts, social media, and jewelry, but this divine blueprint is more than just a pretty design.

Geometry forms all of creation. Understanding these patterns and energies will allow you to become a more powerful creator in your life.

Your home or office is a place that can nourish you. Instead of escaping every weekend to Tahoe, you can uplift your four walls with energetic tools. Sacred Geometry, a little like Feng Shui, allows you to create a sanctuary indoors.

This is a handing down from mystery school tradition. Receiving these tools that fill your space with the highest vibrational frequencies will bring protection, groundedness, and joy into your environment and anyone who enters it.

In this training, you will move beyond theoretical ideas of sacred geometry and be able to apply it in your life. You will learn how to:

  • Invoke the powers of the three primary shapes within the body

  • Activate a room to increase the vibrational frequency

  • Set a temple space for healing and meditation


  • Increased quality of sleep

  • Supports focus & flow state for creative projects

  • Expands awareness in meditation practices

  • Integration of sacred geometry in your energetic structure

  • Transform rooms when traveling (Air BnB, hotels, etc)

Audits (those who already received this handing down) receive 50% off

Earlier Event: December 13
Later Event: February 6