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  • Secret Location San Francisco United States (map)

This four week series is designed to support you in committing to developing more stillness - no matter what is competing for your attention.

It’s through the process of a consistent meditation practice one can break the cycle of feeling lost, confused and disconnected.

The Max Meditation System™ is a technique that weaves in ancient practices, yet still a simple and effective way to meditate.

If you are a seasoned meditator, this system will help you tap into deeper states. New to the practice? This is a fully guided experience and many are amazed at how connected to themselves they feel during and after.

Release the tight grip of chaos and

revel in beauty that is happening right now.


This meditation series will run for four consecutive weeks. This class begins with a brief teaching/talk. This is a completely guided meditation experience. Total time meditating is close to 60 minutes.

This practice includes 5 forms of meditation in a 60 minute practice:

  1. Breath Work

  2. Deep-Body Relaxation

  3. Passive (Quiet Mind)

  4. Active (Focused Mind)

  5. Guided Visualization


  • Reduces stress & tension

  • Builds self-confidence and focus

  • Helps increase clarity & creativity

  • Creates a sense of grounding & well-being

  • Provides support and guidance from a qualified teacher

TIME: 90 Minutes/class

INVESTMENT: $140 (for all 4 classes) | Prerequisites: N/A

$90 for 4 when purchased by 10/11

SPECIAL PRIZE of rose holy water spray when you complete all 4 classes in the series!

Earlier Event: October 19
Later Event: October 30