Life Activation is an ancient modality that has been used for thousands of years in mystery school tradition. This session allows you to engage with important aspects of self that are often buried deep in the subconscious mind.

Gaining access to hidden information that’s stunting growth and progression could take years of therapy or meditation to uncover.

This session serves to bring powerful insights to the surface and realigns your energetic structure. If you are ready for real change this is one of the best investments you could make for yourself.

Life Activation serves as a catalyst to move through blocks, issues, and weaknesses that you were not previously aware of with more support.

Lay a foundation for all future healing work.


  • Increased self-trust & self-worth

  • Relief from anxiety & stress

  • Hold more positive energy in the body

  • Awaken your gift & talents within

  • Clear individual and family patterns

“I did the Life Activation session with Emily. It really helped me move deeper into my direction of growth and coming into my Bigness. Emily gave me her strong and loving presence throughout the whole session. One month later I am still integrating the wisdom that came out of that. Thank you!” – Ori Shapira

“When I consulted with Emily about physical and mental stress obstructing my future goals, she recommended Life Activation as a way to clear out the blocks to regain clarity. I was surprised as to how balanced I felt after the session. I was less stressed both physically and mentally and It helped to accomplish personal goals.”- Eric Estenzo

“I am a natural born healer and psychic intuitive, so much so that at times I have gotten a little lost in the ether webs and not had the proper tools and reflections to show me the inner framework by which I can really express myself. Life Activation brought whole new levels of awareness not just to my psychic being, but also to my authentic day to day expression of my love and service. It seems to me to have been an alchemical enzyme in my process. One that I am thrilled to share with friends and family alike. Infinite gratitude to the Mystery School Lineage and to Emily Leahy for bringing these teachings alive.” – Erin Parker

“I met Emily during one of her monthly meditation sessions, and she strikes me as someone who genuinely cares about the people she works with. After the Life Activation session I’ve noticed an obvious difference in my relationship with my body. Thoughts and personal behaviors that used to trigger up long time fears and conditioning seem to have lost their “source”, and it does not pull me into a negative state as strongly as before. Things that used to trigger guilt and shame seem to feel like their roots have disappeared, I could mentally experience a fuller spectrum of joy and pleasure. This is some serious energy work.” – Tony Tong