Whether you are new to crystals or have been working with them for years, this healing is potent. Before the session we will discuss where you want and need assistance and healing. 

Crystal healing uses the magick of the Ancient Mu to bring about deep renewal.

The first half of this session uses specific crystal layouts on the physical body and is equally beneficial. Specific crystals are then placed on and around the physical body.


  • Emotions – balances & heals the emotions

  • Mind – balances & heals the mind

  • Physical Body – addresses & heals the physical body

  • Internal Body – heals internal organs, glands & structures

  • Time Enhancement – enhances all aspects of your relationship with time

  • Space Reversal – heals & integrates your multi-dimensional nature

  • Pure Mind – stimulates the pituitary gland

  • Libido – kindles passion

  • Empowerment – connection to your purpose & dreams

The second portion works on all levels of the human – physical, emotional, mental. and spiritual.  It is particularly effective in addressing and releasing the underlying issues that often restrict complete recovery to health.  After receiving this healing you will feel refreshed, rested and alive in a new way. 

  • Old Wounds Rite – client focuses on what and where they need and desire healing

  • New Wounds Rite – client focuses on release from pain and healing wounds from love and life

  • Good Fortune Rite – client focuses on their desires