You have a gift to share with the world and serving to the fullest requires focus to direct your energy. Begin walking the path of truly knowing yourself. Expand your perspective and make better choices.

Initiation is not entrance into other planes of existence and is not the study of other worlds. It is an introduction to the hidden laws behind the veil of familiar things.

Empower Thyself is a two day training and initiation into an ancient lineage, a 3,000-year-old time-tested spiritual pathway known as a mystery school.

A mystery school holds esoteric metaphysical keys that are passed down through oral tradition. This sacred process of in-person handing downs unlocks the innate wisdom that is inside for one to truly “Know Thyself.”

When you access the power of your heart

and the strength your will,

you become an unwavering force.

For thousands of years, the true 7 Ancient Mystery Schools have trained people in unbroken lineages to be true and effective agents of positive change in the world. The Modern Mystery School is one of the seven ancient schools open to the public.

During these two days you will start a deep process of untangling from outdated programming that has blocked you from taking full ownership of your life. In addition you will gain deeper understanding of how your energetic system functions and is structured to bring more of what you want into your life with confidence. The completion of this two day training ends in sacred initiation ceremony.


  • Work with energetic rituals daily that support with focus, grounding and building stronger boundaries to fulfill your purpose

  • Build deeper trust with your intuition through a shamanic meditation technique

  • Create from a more sturdy foundation by tapping into your energetic support system


  • Integrating your own wisdom with action

  • Greater ability to face life’s challenges & overcome stress

  • Gain access to ancient mystery school secret teachings

  • 10x’s the capacity to hold energy & direct it outwards

  • More clarity & direction

  • Improvement in connecting more deeply with others

TIME: 2 Days & one hour 1:1 consultation

“The way I feel about my work with Emily is hard to put into words. I met Emily while on a yoga retreat about a year ago - I was on the verge of something and Emily noticed and came to me and asked me what I was looking for. I told her that I was looking for a bridge - a bridge to get me safely from one side to the other. I could go on to explain what this bridge meant to me, but let's just say it means peace and it means coming back to the ground and not getting taken away on an upward, paranoid spiral.  Anyhow, I definitely got the bridge I was looking for that day. From then on my work with Emily has continued and what I can say is that while the journey to peace with myself is still continuing, I do feel comforted to have an ally and a guide such as Emily on the ride with me. Above all, Emily creates a safe space and a container of light in which to be held - a place where there is no criticism and no answers given, only pure light and love and a push here and there when needed. I can say that if you are feeling drawn to work with Emily then I would encourage you to simply say yes and to start noticing the shifts.” — Katie Owens

“Emily has an incredible amount of information she's able to see about a person (even just the first time I met her), and she's able to turn this into actionable insights to improve lives. I could feel a shift in myself after my first life activation - less anxiety, more clarity, more direction. I decided to dive into Empower Thyself, and learned daily tools that have grounded me and better connected me with spirit. The depths of the Mystery School are vast, and Emily is a wonderful healer and teacher.” — Jessica Karr

“When I first met Emily, I was in a very dark place. It took a lot of hard hits before I allowed myself the time to begin healing.  I didn’t know what to expect, but after several 1:1’s, classes, and having the honor of being initiated by her, I have evolved in such a high vibrational way.  I jump out of bed with a smile on my face and look forward to daily meditations and rituals each morning and night, ones I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Emily.  It’s like I’m a completely different person – I’ve gone from a super anxious and stressed out single mom to feeling gratitude, peace, and love majority of the time. She has also been key in helping me to figure out my blocks, knowing the perfect questions to ask and magically guides you to come up with your own solutions. Emily is a shining light in my life and I’m so thankful to work with her.” – Angela Christian

“One can travel the four corners of the world to seek passion and prosperity, but to find lasting peace and true purpose, where does one go? Inward, is the only path that can lead us back to grounded reality in order to reclaim our own authentic power. And it’s a path that we must choose to take every day until our last breath, for the ego tends to trick us that one deep meditation session, or one 10-day spiritual retreat, or even one year spent inside an esoteric monastery, can guarantee our enlightenment. That daily conscious choice to go inward, to catch the fleeting sacredness in our mundane existence, can take many forms yielding various manifestations in our life. Emily’s spiritual guidance helped open me up to a simple yet powerful daily practice, connecting me to a millennia-old spiritual lineage. This connection empowered me to create and appreciate the magick of life everyday since I received the teaching. For that, I am truly grateful.” – Ben Le