Ensofic Ray is the complete system of Reiki which is not widely offered. This powerful modality accelerates healing by taking the body back to point zero, releasing stagnation and bringing fourth untapped potential.

Ensof, which means No Thing or All Things, is an unlimited Light that was the beginning of everything, the breath of creation.

In this session the vibration of the body is increased, creating a harmonious and balanced environment by releasing lower energies that caused emotional, mental or physical dis-ease.

Ensofic Ray is offered as an individual session and a series protocol.

Single session can focus on mental/emotion or physical - this can be done in person or at a distance. Series protocol must be done in person.

“My experience of energy work was limited to one Reiki session which felt good, but I wasn’t sure if I really felt it. Because of my past experience with Reiki, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I went into it with an open heart. During the session I could feel my energy vibrating in my body. I could feel things shifting and energy releasing. The experience was real and palpable. After working with Emily my body feels lighter and my interactions with others feel more real.” — Anna Alexander

“I arrived for my EnSofic Ray healing session just 10 days after returning from a 30-day cross country road trip. Prior to the session, I was aware of some energy leaks and imbalances which I anticipated as returning to my “former” life was challenging. After session with Emily, I felt more connected with my authentic self, better balanced, and energized.” — Carol Mossa

“Emily has helped me understand the meaning of energy and how to keep yourself grounded by not letting others energy affect you in any negative way. When I first came to her I was very susceptible and easily disturbed by others. I was looking for a way or a tool to deal with these situations. After many sessions with her I have learned to embrace things and just let them fly through easily something that before it would take me hours or even days to get it out of my system. Also my knee was healed by Ensofic Ray sessions which initially I thought I was going to need an arthroscopy and thanks to her I ended up not needing it. I look forward to keep working with her she has been of great help.” — Victor Cudros