This session is especially recommended when there is trauma in the past. It repairs and restores balance in the etheric layers for deep healing of traumatic stresses that can damage our energy bodies in ways that we carry with us through life.

As a human being living in a world of many different energies; we get very polluted and confused. This causes us to lose connection with divinity.

Etheric Reconstruction repairs the damage in the structural area around the head where many energies intersect and releases issues that no other technique can reach. 

Live your worth.


We are all composed of many complex energy bodies, systems and structures. One such system is called the etheric body. It is the art of healing specific parts of the Etheric – Auric body, including the Magnetic, Astral and Dharmic body systems. Etheric Reconstruction is needed in order to restore our connection to the divine, and allow us to be in harmony with celestial powers.


  • A sense of lightness and expansion in the mind and body

  • Stronger connection to one’s divinity and oneness

  • Moving forward and healing addictions and compulsive behavior