Fire Activation, (Sacred Geometry 5), is a session that invigorates you on a core level. Fire is the element of transformation and transmutation, and this session activates the fire of the kundalini within your core in a way that is healthy and balanced.

The Fire Activation brings forth greater awareness of your mind/soul, and increases multidimensional awareness to accomplish more in less time.

Imagine having much, much more energy and a much clearer drive on what needs to be accomplished in your life. This session brings incredible motivation towards your highest good. If you have a lot that you need to take on in your life, or are going to have a busy several months/period; this session is a must!

Have more clarity on what needs to be accomplished in life.


  • More ease and flow while working towards goals

  • Heals sexual drive, passion and creative energy

  • Harmonizes inner and outer realities

  • Stabilizes and grounds energy while decreasing anxiety

Note: Pre-requisite for this modality is Life Activation.

“I am a natural born healer and psychic intuitive, so much so that at times I have gotten a little lost in the ether webs and not had the proper tools and reflections to show me the inner framework by which I can really express myself. Life Activation brought whole new levels of awareness not just to my psychic being, but also to my authentic day to day expression of my love and service. It seems to me to have been an alchemical enzyme in my process. One that I am thrilled to share with friends and family alike. Infinite gratitude to the Mystery School Lineage and to Emily Leahy for bringing these teachings alive.” – Erin Parker