Healer’s Academy Deets

Healer’s Academy is a second initiation in Mystery School tradition. This is a five day class to learn Life Activation, Aura Healing, and facilitate Max Meditation System.

Healer’s Academy is offered twice a year in the Fall and Spring in these current locations: Toronto, England and Brazil. Each has their own system for registering for class given the laws of each country. The schedule is announced on the Modern Mystery School calendar 3-6 months before each program.



Helpful TIps:

  • Be sure to register ahead of time to reserve your spot and save money on the higher tier

  • Book your flight so you are not arriving the morning of class starts

  • If you are not a US citizen and require a traveling visa plan accordingly

  • If you are a US citizen make sure your passport doesn’t expire

  • Connect with people in the community to share hotel room or Air Bnb

  • Check the calendar to see if there are any other classes you want to take while traveling

  • Ask me questions before emailing admin to see if it’s something I can answer for you