Have you ever asked the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

There are many pathways to obtain these answers, a mystery school is an ancient spiritual lineage and system that offers tools to help you discover the answers for yourself.

The ancient reminders of a mystery school has been passed down orally in continuous lineage for thousands of years from teacher to student. Using sharpness of time-tested methods, you can cut to the core essence of who you truly are, reclaim your worth and a result make a more meaningful impact.


This experiential talk is led by Emily Leahy who is a certified and initiated guide, healer, teacher, kabbalist and ritual master apprentice in a true mystery school. She was initiated in 2012 and serves full-time to preserve and share these transformational keys to build a better world. We end with a guided meditation that introduces you to the unique energy of each mystery school on the planet.


  • Why mystery schools are a mystery

  • What makes a true mystery school

  • How many mystery schools exist

  • Where mystery schools are located

  • Who has been initiated into a mystery school

  • When the first mystery school was made public

Redesign your inner

world to have more

connection and peace. 

Let it ripple out to the