Does your mind stay in over-drive even after you're done working, but trying to relax? Are you passionate about what you do, but tired of the cycles of fatigue and burnout? Do you wish you could just take a break? Do you want to know how? 

Meditation is very powerful. Especially for entrepreneurs who are generally information overloaded, over-stressed, and overworked.

Looking for meditation tools and techniques that are accessible, practical and useful? In this private session discover how meditation is easier than you think and why incorporating a practice into your busy life can lead to more meaningful success. 

This is a guided meditation experience that will leave you feeling more confident with your ability to sit still. (If you are a more advanced student who has taken Sanctuary Meditation or Astral Travel I can support you through these techniques).

This is a perfect introduction for those who are wanting more focus, creativity, relaxation and clarity in their lives.


  • Stay focused longer 

  • Improved problem solving skills 

  • Increase emotional IQ

  • More mental space 

  • Better sleep 

  • More creativity 

  • Less overall stress 

  • Flexibility to change tasks faster 

  • Increased intuition 

  • Greater sense of balance in life, relationships and work