“Changes don’t come from without, they come from within. The world is our mirror. As we change, everything is reflected in its changes.” —Ted Andrews

Your will is what is responsible for the choices you make. Your choices create the world you live in.

Books, articles, webinars, podcasts and social media posts all have the potential of giving you ideas of what coming into your power could feel like, yet grounding this into reality can’t be achieved through intellectualization. You’ve got people to serve and things to do, ready to move out of theory and into embodiment?



  • Checking out when things get uncomfortable

  • Getting in your own way with self-sabotage

  • Difficulty focusing & prioritizing due to lots of distractions

  • Getting pulled off center by other peoples’ emotions in relationships or work

  • Experiencing anxiety or fatigue

  • Limiting belief systems around self-worth

  • Lacking confidence and clarity to progress forward


  • Understand yourself better and have more compassion

  • Set boundaries in order to hold more positive energy

  • Master your gifts & learn how to use them to serve others

  • Harness the mind to bring you into deeper states of relaxation & presence

  • Make decisions with greater connection to your true self

  • Take action towards your goals from a place of ease & trust

  • Create more beauty, harmony & abundance in your life

Pause and take a deep breath.

If standing in your power feels exciting, (and slightly terrifying), I’m here to jump in with you and share lineage-based energetic techniques that penetrates your core and fully integrates into your whole being.


Shift your perception in order for lasting change to take place using pure energy healing.

Begin or dive deeper into meditative states to create a life of balance, focus, awe and wonder.

Immerse yourself a series or retreat to regroup from the hustle and bustle of modern day living.

Receive handing downs of metaphysical teachings and tools to shift and transform your personal practice.