Creating a roadmap.

The work begins with an in-person meeting at my office in San Francisco. This 30 minute initial meeting & intake is reserved for those who are interested in exploring 1:1 sessions, trainings to receive tools or a specialty event/day retreat for their company. During our time together I will ask questions to help me understand your specific needs, desires and challenges. If this feels like a good fit to work together I will offer recommendations for your next steps.



Setting things in motion.

Each individual I work with will be given different suggestions for working together in terms of frequency and type of session. Everyone has unique needs and beginning at different stages on their journey.

It’s unusual that a person would only benefit from one session, that’s why I package 1:1 sessions to receive the full benefits this work has to offer. While I can give insights to what would be the most suitable plan using experience and intuition, you have choice in this process and the pace.

Most of my clients begin with Life Activation as it sets the foundation for all other healing work and a pre-requisite for ongoing training.



Steps to self-mastery.

When the time is right I may recommend classes and trainings that could benefit you to being more in charge of how you direct your energy out into the world. A list of upcoming classes and trainings will be listed here on my website such as: Sacred Geometry I, Astral Travel, Sanctuary Meditation System and Empower Thyself.

Each person I work with is completely unique. their road map of progression is like a fingerprint. This is why the information from initial meeting & intake in addition to check-ins are very important. (I say check-ins, because some suggestions could change as you expand).