There are many misconceptions about spiritual intuition in our modern day society.

Everyone has intuition, but dismisses this powerful information.

Conditioning is the biggest factor in why we no longer listen to our inner voice. Our inner voice, our in-tuition (our inward teaching and instruction) is the compass, but it has been broken or mislead by the many systems in place.

Early schooling and the expectations of the adults who raised and educated is just one example. The irony is that most of this style of conditioning is done unconsciously with the intention of preparing, protecting, or grooming for "success".

Your potential is still there, but

your skills are undeveloped.

Ultimately these spongey early years molded you to think like everyone else, moving away from your inner voice, gut instincts and visions. As an adult it can be a confusing time when these inner resources reawaken. When you habitually doubt, invalidate or turn off a part of yourself like this, it eventually just shuts down. The good news is that it’s not gone forever.

This is a handing down from the mystery school tradition that supports with building psychic awareness and sensitivity to subtle energy in a safe way.


  • Activate and strengthen the spiritual senses

  • Consciously work with your intuition

  • Develop three forms of perception

  • Shift your brain wave states


  • Increased trust in your inner guidance

  • Heightened sense of awareness

  • Deeper meditation practice

TIME: 3 Hours