Life is a constant balancing act: balancing work and relationships, emotions and thoughts, as well as needs and desires.

As a human it can feel like a default to live in extremes. Overtime this leaves you feeling unsteady and causes unnecessary havoc. Learning to dance in the middle during constant change is a super power.

Meditation is one of the most powerful, underutilized tools to access your center.

The Max Meditation System™ is a technique that weaves in ancient practices, yet still a simple and effective way to meditate.

Take your meditation practice to

new states of stillness.

If you are a seasoned meditator, this system will help you tap into deeper brainwave levels. New to the practice? This is a fully guided experience and many are amazed at how connected to themselves they feel during and after!


This meditation begins with a brief teaching/talk. This is a completely guided meditation experience. Total time meditating is close to 60 minutes.

This practice includes 5 forms of meditation in a 60 minute practice:

  1. Breath Work

  2. Deep-Body Relaxation

  3. Passive (Quiet Mind)

  4. Active (Focused Mind)

  5. Guided Visualization


  • Reduces stress & tension

  • Builds self-confidence and focus

  • Helps increase clarity & creativity

  • Creates a sense of grounding & well-being

  • Provides support and guidance from a qualified teacher

TIME: 90 Minutes

“From Max Meditation to private energy work, working with Emily has been an absolute blessing. She is a true healer who has the ability to meet you exactly where you are on your life path. She works with the highest skill and intention to help you shed the layers of yourself that hold you back, and accompany you on the path towards your most authentic and radiant self!” — Lauren F.